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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
So sorry to hear about your losses, FlameKat.

Since the gore is now officially out in the public, I want to ask TP and any other copper IUD users - how do they put it in? Are you awake during the procedure? Does it hurt and for how long afterwards?

Also, I read that during intercourse/fingering you shouldn't really feel the strings. Do they hang outside the uterus, or is that a sign that something is wrong?
For me, it was put in while I was on my period, as that's when the cervix is most dialated. I was also given a pill to insert vaginally the night before to help with the dialation.

I was awake for this ... It's not horrible, but it's not pleasant either. The worst part is the cramping. They were very, very unpleasant for a few hours after the procedure (walking around helps!), and stronger than usual for the duration of that period and the next.

The strings do sit outside the uterus, though not by much. If your partner feels them, you might need to have them adjusted. If left too long by the doc, they will poke your partner during intercourse. This is an unpleasant sensation, similar to scratching (or so I am told). From what I understand, they will curl around the outside of the cervix naturally, when cut properly. Once, mine "uncurled", and that's when Mr. A got poked. I was able (with much maneuvering) to shift the strings back into place.

So yes, it technically is possible to feel them during fingering, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't enjoyed being fingered that way!
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