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Default silence, for dave


The Song of Hiawatha it goes on and on and on
But such is not my brother, he’s a man of some few words
Mistaken by most people, has surprising ways about him
And a feeling for the woods and lonely places far from this
We walk along the sidewalks and we mutter at the traffic
But that is not the path that David’s feet they always chose

A man may fish for sport or food when he has got a minute
But David took it all a step much farther than you think
He studied fish to take care of the ponds he likes to float
And parented their lives to make him happy in their growth
He lands our red canoe and smiles a smile across the water
then glances down at hands that make a solitary thing

But bright and concrete success. He can look at it and say
This I did, and there is no one who can say that I did not
And he winds his way on up the woodsy hill lost in the trees
A quiet place of silence most would give their eyeteeth for
He finds his path along at last to her who waits for him
And sits and finds his rest among the dances of their talk

And the tom-tom in his chest it beats a slow and stated beat
For the shores of Gitchie-gumie by the shining big sea water
With a friend who knows the outdoors and the fish that jump alone
And the deer that peer through antlers made of brush and sycamore
And the ghost of an old dog that used to jump in with a splash
In a young and happy day when we were fresh and spry of limb

But I sing Oh! for those old days with Lucy still alive and Sam
And campfires when we gathered and cooked Smokies to a crisp
And who knows? Perhaps some day we’ll meet again there by the fire
And let the talk fall silent by the wind
And be happy at the farm where we
Have left part of our hearts in his safe-keeping.
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