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Originally Posted by whatamIdoing View Post
I did ask him... where do you slot me in your life... I continue to await an answer... interestingly enough he will talk to me about it on the phone or face to face but in email he IGNORES what he does not want to deal with (and he told me so... ugh)
Well...some people just can't communicate with that disconnect. You may have to understand his communication style and kind of give up on this.

Email and text there is a disconnect in how some people communicate. My wife is slowly learning, but its been almost a year of trying. BEing a geek, email/text/msn are simple for me. I can maintain conversation without the required physical presence. Some people need to hear the intonation or see the physical nuance during communication. He might not be able to banter because he is missing that.

Best of luck with it, your best bet may be to meet him where he is comfortable and give him time to come over to the digital side.
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