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What's hard is now its been a few days since all this has come to light, she acts like nothin has happened. She says that she don't want to be in this relationship, and she loves john and she would never take him from me. But non of us have yet to sit down and talk as a group to lay it all out on the table. I don't want to just ignore this and go about my day. If you don't want to be with us, then have a plan to move out, cause I want to move on. I want to have a gf, that wants to be with me and thinks I'm beautiful no matter how fat or skinny I am. Who knows my true value and excepts me and my flaws. I want someone open and honest, not afraid to put her opinion out there. I didn't find that in lenore. She is way to na´ve and child like in mind. The kicker is that she is over weight too! Wtf. I thought that was so hypocritical of her when she basically said I'm to fat to have sex with. That hurts. I'm at the point where I do want her to go now. I want to start reconnecting with my finance and talkin to some real women
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