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Originally Posted by hurricandrunk View Post

partially my worry is the expectations, i find it hard enough struggling with expectations of one partner, especially sex wise. i have basically no interest and this has been an ongoing problem in previous relationships. it's part of the reason polyamory appeals so much-you get different things from different people.
Hang on there, mate. I get the feeling you are quite young? Being poly means you need to know yourself quite well and are able to engage with a partner fully, emotionally as well as physically.

Adding 2 partners into the mix is just that much harder (tho can be very fun if you do it right.)

and at the very base how do you even go about meeting a couple who want a third? meeting one person is tricky enough XD

I've seen lots of threads on here for meetups etc but i'm not sure i want to just jump in the deep end and meet up with a group of people i don't know at all
You won't know unless you try! Are you male or female, bi or straight?
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