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Thank u for ur reply.

The reason that all these feelings started for me is because my husband is not monogamus. When he first brought up 'his' fantasy, to see me with another woman, he caught me off guard. I thought about it a lot. During my thinking, he met a woman that was willing to be with both of us. Once they started talking about our threesome, I wasn't sure that I would be able to 'share' my husband. After he convinced me that he would not touch her until i was comfortable with it, i agreed. So my feelings grew more and more. This was about 10 yrs ago. Lately, I've been missing thise feelings about having another female in our relationship have come back. I love the thought of sharing my husband,my bed, my family vacations and everything that comes with being a family.

He met another woman, but she turned out to be a fake. She told us things that made our feelings grow more and more for her. I was so hurt when we finally realized she was playing with us.

I would really love to meet someone real. Not a fake.
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