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Minxxa, THANK YOU!!

We have already been talking about the online talking and went and looked at some cameras for the computer so we can budget for it. The plan is to talk online every night. That way he can see the boys everyday, see how their day was at school, if they're behaving, see how I'm doing, etc. He's worked nights up until this point, so I'm already used to texting or calling him to say good night for the night. Good morning and Good Night are two bonds that I really want to keep in place. They mean a lot to both of us.

I've been really worried about the chronic pain end of things. I've been in a flair all week, making it hard for me to focus on even saying a simple sentence. I felt like a bumbling idiot when I was getting our boys registered in school. They'd ask me a very simple question and it would take me almost 5 minutes to come up with the answer. I hate this!!

J leaves on Monday and we probably won't get to see him for real for almost a month, maybe more We're both really hoping that he gets accepted on a bid for a home base as soon as his probationary period is up. That way we can get moved to where it is and have him home more often.

This is probably as close to being a military wife as I could handle getting. You guys are so awesome!! I don't know, I think that maybe I could do it with knowing that he would be doing something great for his country. But, it definitely wouldn't be easy. You wives have got a lot of strength and endurance to do what you do! Tell your hubby THANK YOU for all that he does and THANK YOU to you as well for being a wife that's willing to stand by her man!!!
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