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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
It was like a mental block, like he couldn't get into it if it was premeditated at all. He would actually sext me about all the things he was gonna do to me next time he saw me, and then would act weird when I expected that something was going to happen. Wtf? And it wasn't like he didn't like sex, he loved sex! So odd.
OMG it's like Sven and Ziggy are THE SAME PERSON. I would complain to my husband that Sven was "all talk and no action" because he'd get in these moods and write what he wanted to do to me on gchat. Next time I'd see him, he'd be surprised that I thought he'd... do that stuff. Or he'd get really drunk at a party and tell me how much he wanted me. But again, it was like he hadn't said it the next day.

It wasn't like he wasn't interested, though. If we did have sex, he was delighted. It just had to "happen in the moment", like he couldn't have sex on purpose. If I called our booty call a booty call, it would spook him, especially in the early months. I had to "come over to watch a movie".

He is, admittedly, sometimes more stress than I can handle.

I am married to the right man of the two. It was never this much work with Thaddeus, not even when we were first dating. It was always easy. I don't want to sound judgemental, but there's a reason why my husband is a married man at 31 and Sven is a bachelor at 37. Yet poor Sven is so crestfallen that he has women all over him all the time, but nobody wants to marry him and have kids. He breaks my heart a little, like he's a lonely little kid who doesn't know why people won't be friends with him.
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