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agreeing with previous comments.

the ms. is going through just that situation right now. she gets very emotionally involved very quickly, she has a big heart. she always has me to lean on, as i always have her to lean on. we share our joys and sorrows.

so while she is going through this, i make myself available, a shoulder to cry on, a pocket for tears, arms to be wrapped up in, when needed. i dont expect her to just get over it, its heartbreak, it takes time, patience, love, and understanding. the difference between a breakup in or out of poly is, in a loving poly relationship you dont have to go through it alone, but its still not magical healing.

and when the mood is lighter, i am back to my dorkish, goofy, lovable self.

however, i must footnote, that i was not as there as i usually am and complicated the issue, but that is for another thread. but i am now, and i am still groveling for my mistake as i should be.

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