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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
MZ ,

The problem is/was the words don't /didn't line up with the actions. The verbal affirmation ....and then the shift in the physical ...that's all. If someone has to force themselves to have sex with you may dampen or kill the mood for you....just a guess.
I object a great deal to that word "force". Nobody is talking about forcing themselves to have sex with their partners! That sounds pretty harsh.

I have to force myself to do chores I hate, like cleaning the toilet or something. I don't have to force myself to have sex!

We're just talking about the natural differences in libido that occur as your relationship ages. As I said, having sex with my husband is a frequent and wonderful experience for me! It's just that sometimes I'm slower to warm up than I was, say, 8 years ago when we first met. I think this happens naturally in any relationship whether you're seeing other people or not.. am I right?
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