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I'm not really one to initiate, I haven't been since I was a teenager. But NRE brought out that side of that younger, sexier mental self that had gotten buried with being a student, wife, and mother....mostly a mother since I'd put all my wild sexual fantasies and just wild LIVING nature in a box as soon as I gave birth. Runic Wolf got very jealous in the beginning when I started initiating with Wendigo and not him, but it took effort for me to turn it around at home, when Wendigo wasn't involved. I've taken back my right to be wild and sexy and to explore who I am now sexually, but I honestly just suck at initiating and give up waay too easily when Runic Wolf says he isn't in the mood (I try really hard not to pressure him into sex just because I'm horny for him). I've learned that putting in the effort is worth it, even if I don't get the sexy time, it lets him know that he's wanted and valued. So I commend the OP for sticking with it even though the BF is shiney and new.

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