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Thanks for all the reassurance everybody! I intellectually understood that this was probably the case, but I really wanted to hear it from some people that had lived it. I definitely still do want to have sex with my husband (like others have said, he really knows how to get me off.. knows my body better than anyone else). My OSO is just super sexy and exciting at this stage. It takes no effort or thought to want to be intimate with him.

Tonight I'm planning on having amazing sex with my husband, and I'm happy that all my feelings are normal. I easily initiate other physical contact with him still (I've always been very loving in a physical way.. just more sweet like kisses/hugs/massage; he wants to be wanted more passionately sexually, so I'll work on expressing that). I'll just keep telling myself to initiate more on the passionate, sexual aspects. I'm much less worried about it now that you all reaffirm my thoughts that while sex with my husband is really fantastic it sometimes just takes a little more thought to initiate because the intense NRE chemicals are no longer there.

Thanks again everyone <83!
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