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Originally Posted by justlost View Post
I just had to ask... does that really seem right to you?

I mean ... hell I don't know what I mean but it just seems wrong and if I ever though Khas was doing that with me I think it would break the little pieces that are left in my heart into ash...

so I guess if anyone has to follow the advice of your caveat they should keep in mind that is one of those things that you never never never tell anyone.... ever....

just my 2cents
Geez. Of course I don't say to one partner I'm fucking that I'm thinking about someone else. And I don't "fake" or "feign" interest. Sheesh. Believe it or not, some people actually ARE turned on by the idea of their partner thinking about or having sex with someone else. I don't rub it in their faces though.

You probably think watching porn is "cheating" too.

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