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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
If the only time he is in a good mood enough to talk about it is "when he is very drunk," then it sounds to me like he has a problem with alcohol. That could be the bigger problem.

yes, he has problem with alcohol.
we talked about it that no more drink, cos he gets more nasty when he drunk.
in generally he doesnt really talk about it, he can talk about it when he was drunk. so it is luck of commincation problem.

It sounds like you are very reasonable and open-minded, willing to do almost anything to try and save your marriage. It sounds like you are a very special person who deserves love and respect.

thank you say so...
I am not very open-minded yet, cos I dont want to see or talk with his GF at all. Even my hubby think we get on with well.....

Only you can know when you've reached your limit emotionally, but if you are being physically injured, GET OUT NOW.
I was over limit emotional stage yesterday. Made my hubby cry....
I shouldnt be like that.
Do you know the good way to handdle it?
I think i dont handdle emotional very well....
I am not being physically injured, thank you very much for worrys.
and I am very sure if i am being physically abused, I will call police.
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