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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
I don't really know what to say. Lucia, you and your husband seem very unhappy together to me. Is that right?

yes, thats right. we are not happy, as it should be. I try to be happy, cos no point to be dipress, thats make my hubby unhappy.
but I do get tried to try to be happy. and snaped, which i shouldnt.

I think you're wondering if his behaviour will change if you agree to a polyamorous relationship. I don't know if it will. But his behaviour to your seems disrespectful and mean, and I don't know if adding another woman into your relationship will make him nicer. I'm just guessing, but I don't think it will.
He doesnt know what he wants, why he acts like that way towards me.
I dont know his behaviour will change, either way, agree or disagree to a polyamous relationship.
His mum, and our common friend told me he wont change,,,
but you know, you want to beleive the porson you love deeply.
if he wont, we will divorce.....

thank you for give me your opinion, i really appreciated
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