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I'll start by saying, I've never studied polyamory, I fell into a poly relationship quite like I'm sure several of you have, a threesome that turned into more, so a lot of this terminology is new to me, we made up the rules as we went along. That said, it's always been this way for us, I have a wife, we've got a girlfriend, now, the girlfriend has a husband who knows about us, but is unable to participate due to health problems, and has only a couple years to live, at which point the girlfriend plans on moving in with us, she and the wife have recently taken to calling each other wife, which is fine, after 15 years she deserves that much, but for my own reasons, I still refer to her as my girlfriend, since she has a husband, and while physically not there, he's her main emotional tie. We love each other deeply, but that's a line I'm not crossing as of yet.

sorry about rambling, this is the first time I could put this into words, and it sounds pretty crazy to me, but whatever works.
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