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Had they actualy been people interested in poly, I may not have minded as much. But since they are not. Since they are people that seem to be a crusade to attack my husband anytime they can, I won't be posting here anymore. It's not fair to Cookie, she didn't sign up for any of this. And simply by being connected to us, anything I post could be an issue.

When I started posting here I was in a completely different place than I am now. I am thankful to everyone who took the time to help me out. A lot of what I learned here was put into practice and is why Karma and I have the relationship we now have. At the time I wasn't bothered by the forum being public because no one knew about it. Not even Karma for awhile. Mohegan is not a nickname I ever used before so I had little worry of anyone reading anything. And as time progressed I didn't really care, because I had placed trust in the fact that Karma and Cricket would want that privacy as well. Obviously that trust was misplaced.

Lately any issue Karma and I have had has stemmed from communcation, and that's something we have to fix on our own. We've made some great friends here I do hope to stay in contact with those of you who wish to. But there is nothing else here aside from more drama.

I've worked hard the last year to remove negativity from my life and now this forum is another thing that must go.

If you want to keep in contact feel free to send me a PM. I'll check it from time to time.

We're all in charge of our own journey. We choose which path to take and must deal with whatever we find, good or bad along that path. I chose to walk away from those who couldn't handle being adults and now anything I post here will only add fuel to their fire. Not gonna happen.

I'm going to continue my path to happy healthy sane. Hope you all find yourselves whatever it is your looking for in life.
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