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Wow this is so funny ( in such a unfunny way) of my first post upon finding this site was about this exact topic .....guess what everyone said. It's in your head , it the nre ... Sorry youre suffering ..etc. I asked do you women go on dates .. out of obligation .nobody would do that....thats just silly.

I could sense that she was thinking about her other partner ...I could sense that her heart wasn't in it ...trying to fake it. I very much noticed I was the one who had to make the first move. This really killed all desire on my part...don't do me any favor's please. I shortly stop trying and she most likely was relieved more faking it.......I wonder what she thinks now?
That seems so incongruent from what is preached. Honesty...brutal honesty..communication.... More love ...expansion of love ...really?...this seems so unloving.

Any of the other common complaint you'd like to come clean on .... I feel like I'm in a stall in the ladies room by accident and just learn a few secrets .

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