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Thumbs up Poly Cocktails for September

Received this in an email:

Poly Cocktails

Please come and say hello!
Save the date to lounge and relax with your extended Poly family!

As always, come solo or bring your wife, husband, girlfriends, boyfriends and theirs and meet like-minded people. If you consider yourself polyamorous or to be in an open relationship, or are considering this loving and progressive way of life, we invite you to come and get advice and support, have some drinks and laughs, and build our community. All are welcome... feel free to pass this on to those who might have a serious interest. New folks, please come see our hosts and greeters with nametags and introduce yourselves!

And please remember to read our guidelines at the end of this message.
Monday Sept 12, 7pm - 12am, free!
Affaire - 50 Avenue B (bet 3rd & 4th Streets)

(212) 375 0665

Drink Specials: $4 wine. $4 beers. $5 Jack Daniels.
Save the dates for the next Poly Cocktail: 2nd Monday of the month: Oct 10th


Poly Cocktail House Rules

Learn Poly Cocktails is for learning about polyamory. It is not a play space. No nudity, kink or sex play is permitted at the event.

Open communications Poly Cocktails is a place to exercise open communications with intention, foster interactive dialogue, facilitate trust, develop your listening skills, and give and receive support.

Verbal Consent We encourage everyone to obtain verbal consent and explicit negotiations (as modeled at Cuddle Parties) before initiating physical contact (e.g. hugging).

Expectations check them at the door! Interest in polyamory does not signal sexual availability or indicate sexual orientation.

Respectful behavior toward hosts and guests is required.

Safe Space Poly Cocktails is safe space for all sexual orientations and gender/kink identities, as well as those who identify as monogamous. No photography, video or recording of any kind is allowed without prior verbal consent of all parties involved.
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