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I have a history and background in social organizing. Let's collaborate here, and by private email. Yes, we need a budget and a general plan -- what kind of film are we wanting to be made? It need not fit my original conception. I'm very much interested in discussion. We have a basic purpose in mind, I think. And we can go from there. The basic purpose, as I see it now, is to make public the hidden face of polyamory and the challenges of the "poly closet". And we have the LGBT "movement" as an historical contextualizer for the pains and challenges of "the closet," and the virtues of solidarity in "coming out".


Then we can work at getting donations for a granting agency, and decide on a trusted existing poly organization for the thumbs up on issuing grants.


You're aware of some tools -- which you mentioned -- which I have yet to learn about in detail.

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