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To the documentary filmmakers among us: I pledge $100.00, American, to the doc maker who will commit to a serious project under the title: The Polyamory Underground (Okay, the title is just a suggestion). I want to see a film made where the invisibles (with disguised voices and faces) talk openly about their "underground" life, their life of hiding in the poly closet, trembling in fear.... I want to see comparisons with pre-Stonewall Gay America and the post Stonewall era as a dream.... I want our invisibility visible.

Who will pledge money to this project? Let's collect $10,000. as a grant/gift to entice the right folks. And we can choose an existing poly org to decide among filmmakers who can / will apply for the grant money encouragement.

I'll create a topic for this called "Pledge Drive" in General Discussions.
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