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You are PREGNANT, not fat!

And it's not the end of your "maidenly body." No matter how hard it is to believe right now, your body will snap back. I've had 6 kids, and I'm still smokin hot!
(If you nurse the baby, that will help, too -- although the boobs may sag a bit later, but it's a wonderful trade-off, soooo worth it). (Oh, AND -- lactating can be really sexy too, believe it or not. They are BIG, and the milk all over the place can make for some hott sessions if you put your mind to it. We sure made the best of it!)

You are more than just a sexy body. You say you're not interesting -- ??? How can that be??? There is only one you. You have a story that no one else can possibly have. You have little quirks in your face, a certain sparkle in your eye, that no one else on earth can have. Your husband says you're beautiful -- you have a job to do. You need to learn to believe that. All the sweet words anyone can say to you, they will only bounce off and those who love you will get frustrated, if you don't learn to let that love in.

Also -- motherhood will bring out a beauty in you that you can't even imagine! Just wait till those adoring eyes look into yours, you have never felt so perfect in your life. GOOD things lie ahead for you.
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