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My ideal relationship(s) as I define it now is this.

A "primary" relationship with a man. (My ideal man is a whole other story ). We are very independent from each other. The time we do spend together is intense, passionate, loving, vulnerable and honest. We do the dishes, work, love, walk, cycle, play.... together. We are in love and nurture our relationship.

Then we take space. Sometimes with other lovers, sometimes alone. I have other relationships with women and men. Sometimes our together time is also with those other lovers, sometimes just the two of us.

I feel like I belong. Someone in this world gets me oh so well. And I get him. We share our lives, including our other loves. But, we are both free. We don't merge the parts of our lives that don't mesh. We don't sleep in the same bed/house every night. But, we are committed to each other and check in with each other regularly.
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