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<quote>An insecure person and a secure person have the same lifestyle.

They both are focused and diligently practice (EVERY DAY) being who they are.
The insecure person focuses on every single one of their faults, failures and weaknesses and becomes more insecure.
The secure person focuses on every single one of their gifts, accomplishments and strengths and becomes a more secure person. <quote>

I totally understand this. I am good at being the insecure person, which I know you and Maca know. I am trying to work on becoming more secure with myself. It has been a real hard last couple of years. I should have taken your offer over 5 years ago. But I was scared. Still am. The main thing I am scared about is my husband finding me and hurting, not only me, but who ever I am with also. You and Maca have given me alot of things to think about over the next month or so. Thanks for being a friend. It is what I truly need.
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