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Originally Posted by FancyDancy View Post
Is the best course of action to just keep fucking my husband's brains out until the NRE is weaker with OSO?
Dunno if that's the best course of action, but that's what I'm doing!

I've also been with my husband for 8 years, and I have a sort of way of thinking of this. Sex is still actually objectively better with my husband, once it gets going. We know each other's spots. He can get me off more easily. I can be more unreserved, especially with dirty talk. We can cuddle all night and whisper sweet nothings afterwards. BUT with the husband, it takes that extra effort to get the engine going, because it's an older car.

I made an effort to initiate things with my husband because I didn't want him to feel neglected when I had something hot going on on the side. I didn't just make sure to initiate sex, but initiated other affectionate gestures. A little marital grope during housework never goes amiss. When he fixes things in our house, I call him a hot handyman and request that he wear a toolbelt. Just so he can feel nice and objectified.

Try it! It becomes a habit. Don't tell my husband, but I did have to "fake it until I made it" for a little while. Not faking orgasms--just faking enthusiasm in initiating. But those lovin' feelings come back with practice! (Sometimes it helped me to think during sex about what a slut I was, having sex with all these men, but hey, don't know if that'll work for you.)

Sex with the piece on the side, on the other hand, has a different vibe to it. Oh god I want him so desperately that just kissing him starts liquid gushing out of me and running down my legs. I hum with desire when we touch. I spend actual hours thinking about his beautiful penis. This is my biological response at its best, so I just enjoy because I know this feeling won't last forever.
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