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Doing much better today. Found out why I was especially sensitive to all the stress and such. Thank you Mother Nature!! I really don't like you

Anyways, the evening and night ended much better than the day started yesterday and today has been nothing but family time, looking at houses, enrolling the boys in school, and taking care of some other stuff. So, it's been good. Our 7th grader has decided that he doesn't want to take the basic classes, but take Pre-Algebra and Pre-AP Life Science. He really wants to push himself academically. I couldn't be prouder of him!!!'

Tomorrow they will probably start classes. I don't know what I'm going to do with them being gone to school everyday. We've homeschooled the past two years, so this is going to be weird.

Now, time to relax with dinner and a movie. J and I stocked up on the movies for tonight, so it's gonna be a great night.
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