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Originally Posted by faraway7 View Post
seems like its mostly people in their 20s 30s that have this kind of relationship?? well from the profiles ive looked at.
There are more in that age range than any other, yes. But it is not exclusive, I for example am 56 (in 2011 when this was posted).

and is there a forum like this that have more UKers on it?
Not that I know, but there is an email list. See for how to sign up. It is not a dating forum, though, more a place to discuss being poly.

There is a bit of a delay as there is a screening process, but do not let that put you off. If you give a reason you are interested in poly and a connection with the UK that should be enough.

Many poly people in the UK use the OKCupid dating site for that, as it allows you to say you are poly and explain just what you mean in your personal profile. See or the wikipedia write up

Good luck

There are two Rivers here now: which one is this?

quaker poly experiences and poly: a quaker perspective

I hope other British Quakers who are poly (or wonder if they are) will contact me here, thanks, Friends.

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