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Poly is really for very strong and confident minded people who ask no questions about each other and tell no lies.Unfortunately it often shows the chinks in your armour instead ie the relationship is not and never has been right.
So move on while you can ![/QUOTE]

he isnt strong, he admited he is very weak at the morment.
i understand that, cos it is new to him too, i guess.
it may sounds silly to you, but i am kind of waiting for him to be strong, and want to suuport him as much as i can. I dont know if he wants me to.

my friend says a same to you.
he never changes the way his beheavour, just have a cake and eat it.
he just thinks himself, not us.

but again, if he settle to being poly, does beheavour change?
I am struggling either with him or not with him, so I want to more understand poeple are poly.
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