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Default A little help with my story please

I'm 40 years old and was with a woman for 15 years. I never liked the label of being a lesbian, it just happened that I fell in love with a woman. We split up a little over a year ago. I've always been attracted to both sexes but again the label of bisexual I'm not a fan of either.

I am not too familiar with Polyamory but things have changed a bit. I met a man about a month ago and we hit it off right away. I'm not looking for a let's move in together and get married kind of relationship right now. When talking with this man he had stated that he was married and he was in a Polyamorous relationship. I was not unfamiliar with the term Polyamory but don't know much about it. Him and I talk about it and things are still going well, I'm finding that I'm really open to this.

I'm just having a hard time with what the "rules" are. I hate to use that word but I am so not wanting to interfere in the dynamics of their marriage that I'm not sure how I really am going to fit in. He's very open to my questions and has answered everything I have asked. I just feel out of sorts asking when it's ok to text or call. I just don't know how things work and I'm sure it's different in every Poly relationship. I just feel like I'm muttering through it all for now. I don't want to feel overwhelmed with things as this should be a great beginning, I guess it will just take time to learn. I appreciate any questions, comments or suggestions that any of you have to offer.

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