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Default 4 months later...

Hey y'all!

So four more months have passed. My Jewel is 4 and a half and we are trying to get through potty training so that she can go to the preschool that we would like her to try. It's close by and the place seems really neat. My little Prince is now 14 months old and is walking like crazy! He's not much of a talker just yet but he's gotten Dada out quite a lot. Unfortunately he may be lactose intolerant so we are doing some testing to see. Try the soy milk, like or no? help or no? etc. Cajun is working hard but is bored and wants a new project at work, and at home. Fixing the house up for sale is not exactly what he wants to be doing with his free time. We are hoping to get the house up for sale by fall but and with my sister moving out this week, that might just happen! woohoo!

Oh, my "love" life? Bleh. Ok, not totally bleh. I did meet a guy (let's go with John) who is really nice, enjoys games as much as I do (we actually spent a date play Super Mario Bros 3 and Dr. Mario on a Nintendo!) and is new to poly. He and his wife are very interested in doing it "right" in the sense of communication and setting up boundaries and requirements as needed, etc. They even took into effect one of Cajun's and my requirements (from Opening Up I think) about spouses meeting SO's before major physical intimacy. I definitely like this guy and I know he likes me but he also started dating another gal right before me (like a day or two before me) and they had more chances to get together (neither of them have kids) and so they advanced to the bf/gf stage already. He still wants to see me and let things go slowly and naturally and both his wife and gf are ok with that, but he wants to spend most of his time staying in sync with his wife and cultivate his relationship with his new gf. I am all for that, but I'd really like to have a bf. lol John has great potential and we have a lot in common but I'm not going to push things faster or harder than need be. I want this to come naturally too.

So I am now also talking to his gf's hubby on a more platonic note so far. He seems cool but I'm not sure if we would click really. I don't get the huge grin from his messages that I get from receiving a message from John. But who knows what the future holds.

Elric and I got to spend some time together recently, alone, for the first time since the fit hit the shan almost a year and a half ago. Normally there are other people around or we are in public, but this time we had relative privacy sitting outside against the hood of my car and then in the car when the skeeters started biting. It was good. We just sat together and talked, about life in general, about our kids, about other people in our lives, and about what happened a little bit and where we are now. We teased each other and joked around and it was mostly comfortable, but I have to admit that I am still very attracted to him and even just sitting next to him sends thrill-chills down my spine. lol But I don't have any expectations other than friendship this time which I think is making all the difference in the world.

So now I'm going to go to sleep, which I should have done over an hour ago as it has been a very long day and tomorrow will be another long day. Feel free to let me know any thoughts you may have on this update (other than they need to be more frequent as my presence here should be as well) and I'll try to keep you posted on what's happening.

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