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Originally Posted by Monogamish View Post
I am admittedly a little surprised and saddened that this forum would give "dump him already" or "give up it's hopeless" advice so readily, and that the situation seems so "fucked up" to many of you.
Hmmm... it sounds like there was something that you really wanted to hear from somebody, but didn't. What did you want people to tell you? What advice would you give yourself? This is worth thinking about.

You reacted pretty strongly to the few responses you've received, and you seem to think that people have said to dump your partner or give up, but I don't read that in any of the responses. Perhaps you might want to examine why your reaction was so strong. Is there a particular sentence or part of one of the responses that triggered you specifically? Maybe that might be a good starting place to examine your feelings.

Thank you all for your time, and I apologize for having sought support from within the context of my relationship where there was little to be given.
That's a pretty passive-aggressive thing to say. I can tell this is a very emotionally charged issue for you, and I'm really sorry you're having a hard time.

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