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Default My husband says he is poly., but Im not sure....


I am struggling if my husband is really poly.
I red few artical, and its say they love their gfs or wife equarly.

My husband and I just got married, known him 6yrs. I know he likes girls, but I didnt know he is poly.

since we married, he fall in love with other girl who is 20yrs students.
His attention goes to her all the time. he didnt tell me he loves her too, untill we fellin apart. since then he was awful to me. mentally abuse, sexaully abuse, harrasmets.

Now He wants us to live together, but I dont think i can do that. So i said to him, I understand you love her, but I want to have separate life which is me and his, his gf and his.

at the morment, his gf having difficult time. so i try to be understand his attention goes to her. but again he seems to doesnt want to be with me.
he doesnt want to plan for date, having dinner with me, doesnt want to sex with me. not really honest about her. He said he want to be honest about her, but he just hiding about everything such as meet her up or stay her place, chat, etc.
OK, he may try to not hurting me.

but no sending text nor phone call to me...
doesnt feel he care about me...
even I dont know He really loves me anymore....
I still love my hubby to a bits.

does poly poeple do that those thing?

I am sorry if there are spelling and grammer wrong,,,,
I'm not native please ask me if you dont understand...
thank you.
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