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Hmm, Carma, nowhere did you mention whether or not you talked to him about the deception he's been perpetrating on her, with all the stuff he's told her about you and your marriage, and the fact that you want to meet her and for her to know you and Sundance are solid. Did you address that? Did he say he would come clean? Sundance may know how to make a girl feel good with flowery talk, but it will all turn to steaming shit when she finds out he's been lying all along to keep her around, or using her to deal with your poly.

Also, don't be angry with yourself for falling in love with Butch. Love isn't something to be angry about, AND the place you're in was not your doing alone. It's not your fault that you are uncomfortable with how Sundance is conducting his relationship with the gf, and isn't handling this as well as he could.
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