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Everything is just a mess right now. Hubby has to report to his first work site in Albuquerque on the 6th. We have had everything set to move to NM to work out of a home base there, but it turns out that it isn't so. They are going to have him working all over the district (LA to W NM and almost all of TX) for the first 4 months as a probationary period. So, the boys and I are no longer moving to NM, but will have to wait it out here in OK with only seeing J about 15 days over the next 4 months . After the probationary period he'll be able to put in for a home base and then we can move. But until then.....

I'm really not happy about all of this and not dealing with it well at all. It probably would be better, except the college girl called last night, started a fight with J, said she was breaking up with him, and instead of accepting it like he should have because we all know it's not going to work out, he stayed up all night talking her into not breaking up and has been on the phone for the past 3+ hours today (since he woke up) with her again. So, 5 hours last night and 3+ today so far. I'm a mess right now. I've been doing nothing but crying since about 4am. I feel like I'm drowning between everything.

And of course, all of this stress has got my pain in a major flair, leaving me wanting to rip my head off and leave it behind so I don't have to feel the pain (pain is from the left side of my face being crushed in a 4-wheeler accident 8 yrs. ago, had complete reconstructive surgery). I just ate some food (even though I didn't want to) so I'm going to go take some heavy duty pain meds so I can at least try to function for my children. If I don't throw the food up first, I'm hurting so much that I'm feeling nauseous.
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