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Hardcore mono people wouldn't attempt to do what sundance is doing....he's making lemonade ....perhaps poorly but non the less trying to get with the new program his wife needed/wanted. Now he's damned for doing a bad job first time out...a little slack don't ya think....and he going to have to clean up his own hand him a mop.

I think when it comes to affairs of the heart to expect the unexpected. And in some cases when the alternative Guy/gal is funnier, smarter, better looking, more interesting , sexier, better listener , better cook, more fun to be around, or a better fill in the blank ....and or less a pain in the ass... the obvious choice happens. People can not assume the when presented with a more attractive alternative (sum total not physical) that choices wont be made....there will be a shift toward the perceived better alternative....could that be the end of a marriage sure that has to always be a possibility could be very very remote but thats why we suit up and play the game.
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