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Yeah I called him a few names myself. Hes not arguing about the fact it was stupid and he is wrong. He says he panicked and didnt know what to do when confronted. I reminded him of a time a few years back that he asked me if I was talking to a ex of mine and I was honest and said yes. Whats the point of lying? I hate lying. Its just a stupid thing. If you feel the need to hide shit or lie.. YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING IT! Im still mad. More depressed hurt now. I honestly..Have no clue as what to do. Funny thing he actually offered to go to marriage counseling this time. when in the past it was always a Im not telling a stranger anything blah blah. I turned it down because...well Now Im over here just in a spot thinking... how many other lies or hiding shit is there? Is there ANYWAY Im gonna trust him? And should I just walk away.... Like I told him.. I have spent so long being the stay at home mom. Always here doing everything since he worked full time and I know he was tired. I have never had a decent car because when we do have one he takes it since hes got the full time job and has to go further. Im looking for full time employment as close to here as possible. And am hoping in the next 6 month or so I will have a decent vehicle. Other than that Im just lost in trying to figure out where to go from here.
He has all the info for this site as well as all others I have put stuff on. Hes offered all his passwords etc for any site he is on and honestly I dont want them. I dont like the fact that its him panicking about me walking out the door that has him wanting to hand over info. This is not the first time hes lied or hid stuff Im sure it wont be the last. Now its just up to me to figure out how much Im gonna believe or if I care enough anymore..
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