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I was going to try and give some advice, maybe suggest marriage counseling, like others already have. But all I can think to say is, what a jerk (what first came to mind were some slightly more colorful adjectives that I decided not to use). It amazes me that not only had he been lying from the beginning but that even after all the crap he put you through that he continued to do so. What a fucking jerk! I wouldn't believe his explanation, nor when he said he put up the accounts, unless he has some kind of proof of when he put them up (like a registration email). If he was going to lie at least he could have gone through the trouble of getting good at it. I recommend marriage counseling or tar and feathering, whichever you prefer.

To S; Seriously dude, your wife shows you your profile and asks if it's yours and you try to stonewall her? At this point the jig is obviously up, and while I'll admit you've got balls, your trouble seems to stem from your attempts to use them as brains.
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