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I would love to hear from other single or solo poly people, male or female, about their experiences in pursuing poly.
It's odd, I live in a community that has quite a few of openly poly folks and those that are seldom identify as poly. Many are open about having non-mono relationships, but they do not call themselves poly.

For some, it's the instance on "love" being involved. Love is scary to some people and the idea of being open to one love, let alone many, is something they don't want to make a focus.

Others use "polyamory" when they mean "open relationship". That might very well place ME on some "side" in a divide, but to me, there's a difference. Serial monogomy, non-commitment, those are all fine and valid, but it's not "polyamory" if the amorous component is removed or absent.

I've found that as someone who is identified as poly, dating single women is difficult. Even if the stated intention is a short-term, but emotional, relationship while I'm single, the "you're poly" thing has killed a couple of potential relationships. That kind of sucks.
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