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Well for all those that feel they need to change the word, that is the beauty of freedom. You can be called whatever you wish, by those you love, and who you love.

I do implore those that have such a hatred of the word, to perhaps think a little bit more on why they have such a problem.

I see and hear ( no one in particular in this post, fyi) a lot of fear. Fear that allowing one to be labelled is a licence to others to be treated poorly, or not loved enough, or disrespected. Fear of being second-rate. The fear is controlling the logic.

I also see a lot of 'control' . It can feel easier to be fearful, and try and control the small things, when the big things seem so out of reach. Educating, and correcting people is a larger task, then simply trying to bully people into new terminology.

I think Annabel did a great job of bringing up a interesting topic. I don`t however agree, that it should be used across the board, for all.
In your own lives you have the ability to choose how you wish to be addressed and labelled, that is what makes things 'personal' and endearing to your own relationships.
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