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How about altamour ....

ok ...great so you invent a new name or pick a new name the definition would remain the same ...right. A guy riding on a garbage truck is a ???? Pre owned car is a used car right. Hundreds of millions of us went to Jr. high School and never felt the stigma ....but yet someone thought it a good idea to climb up and change the signage to Middle school....same building doing the (same) job .. least in theory...trying to do the same job.

What happens if the chain gets longer....invent another word. My guess is that's why people with large constellations drop the labels because it may suck thinking of yourself as fourth runner up. But in fact that hierarchy still remains for a host reasons.

Whats the attraction of the "primary spot" ???? Wouldn't that be a fundamental flaw in poly thinking .....trying to achieve primary status?? Or at least in-congruent to poly thinking.
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