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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
These blogs are the one place where it is safe for people to bitch; I totally understand the need to complain about people from the outside world, especially people who you aren't on the best of terms with, learning your online handle.

I LOVE my husband, but it took a while for me to encourage him to join here and know my handle b/c this place was MINE and when I came here initially, I needed someplace where no one knew me on here in RL. I'd have been pissed if our friends or ex friends suddenly showed up.
If you read this blog you would know that mohegan has repeatedly said that she is completely open about all this and doesn't care who reads it. They have been posting here for a long time, so has Cricket (the "ex"). So I just find it a little odd that this is suddenly an issue. The internet, this forum in particular, has never been a place where one has reasonable expectation of privacy, and those folks pretty much all already know Mohegan, Karma, and Cricket's online handles, as well as the nicknames they have assigned to their friends, enemies, and exes ("Panda", "J", etc.). So all I am saying is that this is nothing new. No one is "suddenly showing up" in this case. And if someone wants to "fight the drama" and "not tolerate bullshit", the first place to start doing that is in your own head and in your own life. By posting about it here, where you know they'll be reading, is very passive-aggressive and does nothing to achieve those goals.
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