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Originally Posted by mrladyslipper View Post
I agree with ladyslipper.

The both of us read this book together which really helped us better understand our partnership and ourself's (individually). Before reading this book we always had thoughts of being unnatural about our desire to open up our family to others.
Unnatural is probably the word my heart would use. My head however is saying what a great idea this is..

I was with my late Hubby from the age of 15 till i was 32. He is all ive known I loved being his ALL and him being my ALL. over the last 11 ishy years, Ive never wanted anyone especially when the children were young. my youngest is just turning 17 the last couple of years ive had less and less to do for the kids. I miss doing things for loved ones. washing, cleaning, cooking etc. plus im beginning to feel lonely. Im still not sure if id want someone permently here 100% of the time. but i want the devotion that you give and receive in a relationship. the thought of being able to "borrow" someone for a few hours. to watch a film with or cook for sounded great but i think id get jealous eventually. guess i got a whole lot more reading to do.. and questions to ask so hope i wont be too annoying. thank you
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