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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
NYCindie and Mags - I know that in the early days of dating Runic Wolf, I don't remember a single movie we went to; I wasn't watching them at all. As for the how, it's simple - hit the late night showing of a move later in the week (some theatres have fold up arms for their seats.... in Manhattan, KS the movie theatre has couples seats - basically a double wide seat w/o the center arm rest); wear a skirt; sit in the back in the corner or find the spot that gets the least amount of light; sit on his lap and enjoy.
I highly endorse this! When you need a little sexy time, but don't have a way to get alone, this is the next best thing, especially if it's a crappy moving nearing the end of it's run. You might be alone in the theater anyways...

On topic, however, if it's anything we've learned in this house it's this: communication, communication, and communication. Notice a pattern there? Sometimes what you have to say might hurt the other person, but better to get it out in the open then to suffer endlessly silently.

Oh yea, and communicate!
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