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JnR - As I see it, ideally, all of you would be nurturing friendship with one another, so quality time can be spent together, enjoying one another, sharing activities and meals.... This should help in numerous ways. Something just feels "off" with the pattern where all (or almost all) of the time together is divided into separate couples hinged at a V point, with little contact between all three (or more) parts. Still, of course!, there is need for the points of a V to have ample time alone with the hinge point. That goes without saying.

(Now I'm thinking on my feet, here. You see, I'd be the "hinge point" in my situation. But why? Because I'd likely be the only one sexually-romantically involved with the two of 'em? What makes sex so damned important? I mean, it's great! Don't get me wrong. But loving is great, too, just as such, regardless. And non-sexual loving relationships are not "less than". Not at all!)

I'm so very happy that my two Sweeties are getting to know one another and want to form a real friendship with one another. This really feels right. Any other way would feel "off".

My boyfriend is (basically) not bi, so there's little chance of sexual/romantic love between them, but otherwise there is every reason to expect joyful love between them.
This makes us all allies in looking after one another, rather than competitors or some damn thing.
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