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Exclamation Making and Using Tags

I added two tags by clicking on "Edit Tags". Just below the "Post Reply" button, there is a blue bar with the word "Tags" on the left and "Edit Tags" on the right. If you are the person who started the thread, you can put up to 5 tags. Everyone else can put up to 2 tags.

I hope people are able to use these two features now, "Links" and "Tags", in their posts and searches.

Furthermore - when you search by a tag, all it does it pull up other messages with the same tag. You can still use the Advanced Search function to find messages with keywords that aren't tagged. It is in the top blue bar where User CP and New Posts are. Next to New Posts, it says "Search", and if you click on that, a list drops down and it says "Advanced Search" where you can specify criteria.

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