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Sometimes my husband wonders about the same thing that Sean is talking about. He has trouble finding women who are 'okay' with a poly arrangement. He is very upfront about our happy marriage and they seem to be accepting of that at first, but then it seems like they always want more I have met with a few of his g/f's and they seem to understand that we are happily married and that we have lots of love to give, but I don't know... maybe he is just that good that they want to fall in love with him and have me out of the picture?

His latest g/f just got all mad and pissy with him after spending a wonderful 24 hours together with her, sent him a text saying that he must be 'underwhelmed' with her because he did not send her a text for 8 hours after they saw each other. This after he told her that he needs to leave to take his son to court and some other life issues he needed to deal with. Sigh..... lol

This is probably the 5th or so woman that he has tried to befriend and love. He says he is about ready to just forget about it
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