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There is no need to call names.

Obviously I have offended now, for that I am sorry....

Just for the record I didn't say that quote with any malice towards you, I was stating why I was initially frustrated as a way to move on. My frustration had nothing to do with you personally, which is why I decided I better explain myself as I was feeling bad about my post looking like I was lashing out at you and not my frustration with the same old same old... I usually try and remember that I am not where others are when I suggest that they have a good read and remember that we can't always get to threads instantly in a time of someones need or write about what they want us to write about...I am sorry that I did not remember in your case. My mistake.

Also just for the record..... forum writing is not meant to be taken personally. You don't know who I am and I don't know you... this is a blessing because we can offer opinions and suggestions from our own personal stance on things without sugar coating can take or leave what we all say... I am sure people come on here with the thought that they will get sugar. Well then they should talk to their friends.... those of us near and dear to us give us sugar. The beauty of forums is that we get rational, uninvolved advice from people who have lived what we are going through and have some wisdom because of it. This is THE GIFT. If this sounds condescending then so be it... bye.

Take over everyone else.... obviously I am not wanted here.
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