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Default new poly rambling

Just some ramblings from a new to poly life.
I'm married with a mono wife, living in the same house though she decided we are separated because of my poly-ness. She's trying her best to accept me as poly. We have two young kids.
On the weekends I travel 90 minutes to my other 'family', a married couple that I've known since HS some 25 years ago (Lynn & Steve). Does that make me a traveling man?
So now I get sad when I'm away from my kids, and then I get sad when I'm away from my 2nd family. On the weeks where I have to 'skip' them it's even harder to bear.
I get plenty of my kid's time, but sometimes it's hard to get alone time with Lynn away from steve. Steve is great but I need some one on one with lynn. It's something that we'll need to work on.
On the other end, my wife is having to appease our kids when I'm away.
Any other 'travelers' out there? How do you do it?
"In a full heart there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing." -A. Porchia
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