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I'm glad you met Alec's mother, I really like her and my own mother is quite useless... I would have really liked to tell her we are in a relationship but we were there for just about an hour and a poly conversation is going to require a lot more time...

I have faith in us as well. I don't really know what it'll be like to be in a LDR, since I haven't really experienced one before. I know that I'll miss Mya a lot. But I strongly feel that we can do it. Our relationship is worth it, definitely. And I find that the worst of NRE is over: there's still a lot of the good stuff, but I am no longer obsessing over Mya and poly and am well able to think about other stuff and concentrate on other things. And that's definitely a good thing. It will make being apart easier, too, being able to have a life...
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