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Originally Posted by SoCalExile View Post
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I think it is a tiresome exercise when people struggle with "am I poly or not?" Well, I don't think that's as important as asking what kind of relationships you want in your life and how to create them.
This is brilliant. There have been plenty of insights in the thread, but I think this one really cuts through all the semantics and gets to the heart of the matter.
Sorry I didn't thank you, SoCal, for your comment sooner. I do love it when my "brilliance" is acknowledged!

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Divisions I have noticed first hand;

. . . Interestingly enough, married folks vs. co-habiting folks. Specifically, some people who are co-habiting have little understanding towards poly folks co-habiting and deciding to marry despite having other relationships.

. . . People with children and people who hate/fear children
I'm a little confused by your "married vs. cohabiting" statement. Could you elaborate?

Also I hope you don't consider all people who are childfree by choice, as I am, to be hateful toward or afraid of children.
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